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X Games Update #2

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Day two of summer X was packed full of the must-see events. We had BMX vert, motocross step up, motocross best trick, skateboard park eliminations, skateboarding vert, and skateboarding vert best trick! Needless to say, I was glued to my couch most of the day. I’ll try to recount everything of note, and there was quite a lot.

Skateboard Park Eliminations:

The top ten for the finals had me pleasantly surprised. It was equal parts new/underground kids and random vert/mega ramp legends. Barros, MacDonald, and Lasek all qualified for the finals just a few hours after skating a very brutal mega ramp event. Equally impressive was seeing completely underground teenagers rank alongside them. Kowalski and Caples (neither over 17 years old) put together my personal favorite runs, bringing the new school’s street oriented mindset to a concrete skatepark. Two time gold medalist Rune Glifberg just made it into the top ten with two points over one of my hopefuls Ben Rayborn (probably the most punk rock individual I’ve ever seen.) The finals will be very fun to watch with such an eclectic lineup!

BMX Vert:

Jamie Bestwick (ENG) took gold for the fourth consecutive time. Who didn’t see that coming? I skate, and even I knew this guy was unstoppable. Cheers, mate!

Motocross Step Up:

Matt Buyten (USA) cleared a lofty 33’6″ for the gold.

Motocross Best trick:

With perennial favorites like Travis Pastrana and Kyle Loza out of the picture, Cam Sinclair (AUS) was able to take home a gold with a double backflip.

Women’s Skateboarding Vert:

High-schooler Gaby Ponce (USA) got a gold. I am woman, hear me shred!

Men’s Skateboarding Vert:

Gold- Pierre Luc Gangon (CAN)- PLG pulled it together after a few early falls and stuck a very technical, nollie based run to upset White, MacDonald, and Lasek. In doing so, he secured a three peat in gold medal vert skating, a feat so far only matched by (if memory serves) the Birdman himself, Tony Hawk.

Silver- Shaun White (USA)- The Flying Tomato proved just why he has such a nickname. He blasted ungodly high out of the ramp and used those Olympic snowboard skills to spin countless revolutions (including what I remember being a never before seen FS heelflip 540 body varial.) Despite unarguable style and unmistakable gnarlitude, he couldn’t match PLG’s consistent technicality, much to the dismay of the crowd.

Bronze- Andy MacDonald (USA)- Predictable runs may be a bit boring to the viewer, but it’s what the judges like most. The birthday boy gets a bronze medal to add to the numerous ones he’s amassed over the years, having attended every single X Games since the event’s inception in 1995.

Skateboarding Vert Best Trick:

Gold: Pierre Luc Gangon (CAN)- nollie bigspin heelflip 540. Putting the nail in the coffin for nollie heelflip variations, PLG stuck this with about ten minutes left. With White opting out of the event for unknown reasons and Burnquist fixated on a BS 360 pivot grind to BS shove it out that he never landed, we wouldn’t see any 1080 or 900 attempts tonight.

All in all it was a stellar day! Tomorrow will be very bike and street oriented- BMX big air, BMX skatepark, and skateboarding street. With Chris Cole and Paul Rodriguez not in the X Games this year, it looks like teen heartthrob Ryan Schekler will have street gold around his neck once again. That is unless wildcards like the stylish Eli Reed or the wild Frenchman Bastien Salabanzi can somehow take him out. That’s all for now, later!


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July 30, 2010 at 11:53 pm

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