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X Games Update #3

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Not too much going on skate wise on day three. We did have the “in person” skate street finals (there’s also a skate street video competition this year for a more authentic feel) and some BMX action though. I know skateboarders are supposed to have a beef with BMX guys, but honestly I think they’re cool. We have a few guys that bike at State sometimes and their both super cool and respectful to us- gnarly as all hell too. One of the dudes looks just like Billy Corgan and can wheelie for days on end and another has a crazy French bulldog that can stand up on a skateboard- that’s always a hoot to watch! It amazes me how those guys pick those things up so high off the ground and whip/spin/flip them around so smoothly. There must be some serious arm/core strength going on there or some very mystical secret- maybe it’s both. I’ve had the itch to try for some time now and would love the opportunity to try BMX. I was even looking at bikes the other day. It would just be such a fun thing to do in addition to skating, something so similar, yet so different. The price of a good quality bike might put that fantasy on hold for a few months though. Anyways, here’s my pick of the results from today.

BMX Park:

Gold- Daniel Dhers (VEN)- Dhers hit every single thing in the park with something big and technical. Double whips, 720’s, flairs- the dude didn’t leave anything to chance and made sure he blew everyone away to secure his third gold medal in the event.

BMX Big Air:

Gold- Chad Kagy (USA)-Didn’t actually see what he did, but to get a score of a 91.66, I’m going to assume it went something like this: double something or other that went about fifty feet into the cool night air.

Skate Street (In Person Event):

Gold- Ryan Sheckler (USA)- Despite just barely qualifying for the finals and falling on some of his signature moves, the teen heartthrob managed to snag gold during his last run. He just barely held on to a FS 270 cab lipslide at the end of his run, which included a kickflip FS boardslide, an ally oop frontside air, and an impromptu FS blunt stall as well. Say what you want, but the kid has some skills.

Silver- Nyjah Huston (USA)- Rastafarian power propelled Huston to an early lead. He set the bar with switch heelflips, 360 flips, and a beautiful BS 270 lipslide, but it just couldn’t stop Sheckler and his ability to thrive under pressure.

Bronze- Ryan Decenzo (CAN)- A consistent run landed Decenzo in the bronze position.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow’s the last day and it includes a lot of skate and street oriented action. “Real Street” (the video contest alternative for those not wishing to compete live) will debut and showcase riding from people you’d never normally see at X Games, had it not been for this new concept. Garrett Hill, Leo Romero, Zared Bassett, and others will look to get the inaugural gold medal for spending months skating real world spots. The skatepark finals will also be on as well and we’ll see whether the old school/vert mentality or the new school/street approach will prevail. Women’s street skating and the skateboard big air rail event will also round out the day. It should be good, later!


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July 31, 2010 at 11:18 pm

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