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X Games Update #4

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The final day of X didn’t have much to actually watch on TV, but it did have more medal results that trickled in. Here’s the last bit of X Games 16 glory.

Game of SKATE:

Gold- Tommy Sandoval (USA)- Not a televised event, so I don’t know exactly how this went down, but I bet Tommy Guns is glad to snag a medal and prove why he’s pro for the illustrious Zero team.

Skateboarding “Real Street” (Video Submission contest):

Gold- Nick Trapasso (USA)- One of the smoothest, laziest styles in skateboarding managed to take home gold in this inaugural event, which I think a lot of people were feeling. His video submission was uniquely Nick- hefty rails and drops with a contradictory surfy style, and a mellow “whoa” coming out of his mouth after every hammer. Congrats on the weeks of work. I’m sure he’s having a celebratory blunt as I write this.

Women’s Skateboarding Street:

Gold- Alexis Sablone (USA)- This girl came out of nowhere and destroyed the park as well as any man could, blowing past defending gold medalists Elissa Steamer and Marissa del Santos. Kickflip FS 50-50 on the hubba? I didn’t even see Sheckler pull that kind of nonsense. The Columbia grad (yes, that Columbia University) just proved she’s world class through and through.

Men’s Skateboarding Park:

Gold- Pedro Barros (BRA)- The fifteen year old walked off the mega ramp without any hardware and decided he’d just take a gold in park instead. Speed and big tricks like BS 540 melons put him just above the truly cutthroat competition. As much as I wanted an American to get gold, having a complete rookie is almost as good.

Silver- Andy MacDonald (USA)- Andy broke out of repeating a tried and true run and pulled off some dangerous stuff (like backflipping and airing the various gaps) to make himself stand out. I was glad to see him break out of character and freestyle a bit.

Bronze- Curren Caples (USA)- This was everyone’s favorite underdog- a fourteen year old, seventy-five pound, blond hair underground ripper who’s voice hasn’t quite changed yet. He skated like someone twice his age though, going MACH 5 without sacrificing an ounce of style. Best part: each time he landed a trick, you could hear hordes of teenage girl  scream in ecstasy.

So concludes X Games 2010. All in all it was a pretty good showing. I’m feeling the new events and saw some really good stuff. What’s even better is it showed hints of what’s bound to happen in the next few years- raw street comes to the forefront with video parts, guys will spin 900’s, the old guard will clash with the new, technicality will marry with gnarly, and vert will enter the era of the 1080. Looking forward to next year already!


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August 1, 2010 at 11:06 pm

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