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Pulling A Fast One

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Me y mi amigo Erick.

Got this picture of me and Erick from the last day of tutoring. Abraham decided to take the day off I guess. All in all tutoring ESL at El Buen Pastor was pretty awesome. If nothing else we made some pretty funny drawings to remember words and played a shit ton of hangman. Now I move on to my next tutoring gig at the library. This time I get the other end of the spectrum- I’m teaching basic computer skills to senior citizens. Ten bucks says I get an old man that wants to figure out how to look at porno.

Not much going on besides that, everything’s starting to wrap up. X Games are over, only a few art classes remain, and everything’s set up for the first week of school. I’m feeling it though, let’s burn the daylight and charge into the fray.

Some minor skate news as well, in addition to X Games that is. My bracket for Battle at the Berrics (theberrics.com) has officially gone to hell now. David Gonzales beat Billy Marks and Eric Koston lost to Shane O’Neil! Who could ever have seen that coming (apparently not even Shane.) Luckily, Chris Cole just stomped Johnny Layton (and I mean stomped), so perhaps the cosmos aren’t quite in chaos yet. Can’t wait to see what happens with NC SKATE this year too, especially since I’ll be a regular Joe for the first time. My main focus with that is trying to put that video in overdrive, I believe it’s time to show the world what we have. That’s all for now. I have some content in the works, so check back. Later!

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August 2, 2010 at 2:28 pm

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  1. Ten bucks you get a cat lady.


    August 2, 2010 at 8:14 pm

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