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BroFiles in Gnar Preview

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Here’s a taste of the upcoming feature- BroFiles in Gnar.

Gnar. What is it, and, more importantly, who has it? Here’s a brief definition to get started.

gnar- (noun)- a quality that encompasses (but is certainly not limited to) the fullest possible extent of one’s bravery, determination, and physical/mental ability. May be used in the adjective (“gnarly”), the verbal (“get gnar”; “get gnarly”), the formal (“gnarlitude”), the adverbial (“gnarly old dude”), and as a complete sentence in and of itself (“Gnarly!”). From the root “gnarled”, first documented use was in 1773. Synonyms: none.

Present data concerning gnar:

Gnar knows no societal boundaries. Persons of any gender, race, sexual orientation, creed, mental/physical capacity, or socioeconomic status can be gnarly or exhibit traits of gnarlitude. The following professions tend to have higher than normal rates of gnarly individuals: extreme athletes, writers, musicians, artists, those who work with large machinery and/or power tools. The following areas tend to have higher than normal rates of gnarly individuals: the southern United States (particularly North Carolina), Scandinavia, tribal Africa and tribal South America, Tibet, and Siberia. The following areas have lower than normal rates of gnarly individuals: France.

Gnar is a lot like God. It’s something invisible yet omnipresent, it’s something that’s within the best people among us and something that’s absent in the worst, it’s something that man has tried to understand since the dawn of time. Much like God, we can best understand gnar through examining the lives of gnarly individuals and, perhaps, become gnarlier ourselves in the process. To further that end, here is an ongoing feature called BroFiles in Gnar, where we will examine gnarly persons and attempt to grasp at what gnar truly is.


Written by dstclaire

August 7, 2010 at 2:46 pm

Posted in BroFiles in Gnar

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