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Memorial to the Tuskegee Airmen

Forgot to put this picture in the previous post. It’s one of my favorite sculptures, but I don’t remember the artist, sorry.

Yesterday was First Friday in Raleigh. A lot of cities do this kind of stuff now, usually just with a different name- Alive After Five in Winston-Salem, Third Friday in Durham- basically you “open up” your downtown by having free concerts, art exhibits, and food specials. It seems particularly big here. I usually try to hit these things up because they are always so interesting, and September’s was definitely that.

You can claim all the reasons you want- no physical intimacy, no one to confide in, no one to hold your hand when you’re scared, whatever; but I think the worst part about not being in a relationship is not having someone to go eat/split the bill with. Booths, tables- those things are made for multiple people- not solitary losers like you. They scream “unwanted” from between the faux leather cushions and even the table legs seem to kick you in the shins.  When you’re in one of those booths alone, it’s massive. You feel like a kid again- your feet don’t touch the ground, you can’t touch the other side of the seat, the table even seems to come up to your chin and you have to flail your arms over it to get to your plate like you’re scaling up a cliff. Good Indian food remedies this feeling pretty well though. I’ve noticed that when it comes to something like buffalo wings, chili, or Indian food, it’s not good unless you’re sweating. The fact India Mahal has a buffet going all day now makes it even better.

I manage to get up with my friend Diego after dinner and we head downtown. The first stop was Art Space, by far the largest and most well-known gallery in Raleigh. It’s a three story artist showcase/workshop basically. There was plenty of neat stuff, but I forgot to take pictures. Diego really liked the watercolors and I was digging this girl’s trippy acrylic paintings of cows and fish. We both agreed on one of the main exhibits though, this guy that did color engravings of birds and hands. The birds looked strangely beautiful, almost demonic, and I couldn’t stop looking at them. We stayed in there a good fifteen minutes before checking out some guys and girls that did music show posters and alternative “greeting” cards. After that we walked down aimless to a place called Lump. It was small and didn’t have much, but I did manage to see two more guys from Valient Thorr, ironically enough. I didn’t talk to them though, because they seemed busy. Me and Diego watched a “cartoon”in the back of the place that made me feel like I was going to have a seizure, so we split and went to this place called the Fish Market. Fish Market is cool because it is associated with State and it caters to their design school kids. Even better, it’s in an unmarked, underground room under one of the skyscrapers- kind of like a hipster speakeasy. Despite never coming here before, everyone seemed to know Diego. We checked out the artwork and saw they were doing free silkscreen shirts, but unfortunately we didn’t get the memo to bring your own shirt.

The To-Do List

Everything was closing up by now, so we went over to the Raleigh Times to get drinks. After serious thought provoking discussions about women, politics, and current pro skateboarding (things that always lead to arguments amongst friends, especially the latter) Speical K came in with some friends I had met before. Not long after though, I was ready to head out and drop Diego off at Tyler’s house. We climbed over this fence and mount the stairs to this huge deck where a lot of people we knew were chilling. I go inside to use the bathroom and Diego disappears. I’m not really going to describe what I saw once I got inside, because in the span of about two minutes a bunch of things of various natures happened both to me and others, but I did see this white board when I came out of the bathroom. I hope they get all that accomplished. Remember to use disinfectant when you do the one…well, maybe use that when you do all those actually.

I say my goodbyes to the homies and head back to the place to get some sleep, but that wouldn’t be the end of my night whether I would have liked it to have been or not. I’ve given myself the name Papa Bear amongst my roommates because I seem to keep the ship sailing (though they are quite self sufficient). So, as Papa Bear was coming back from taking out the recycle, he sees a girl standing right in front of him by the mailboxes. “Hey, what’s up?” she says. “Nothing much, just taking out the recycle,” I say. We start talking and soon enough I find myself with a Mike’s Hard Limeade in hand, in the middle of a crowded hallway in a packed apartment. Turns out this girl and her roommate live on the third floor of my complex and we had some mutual friends. However, both this girl and myself were beat by the time people were going out to draw with chalk in the parking lot, so we called it a night (in separate rooms- just to clarify.) And that was my “first” First Friday back in town.

More on the way.

Listen to This: the entire “Enter the Wu-Tang: The 36 Chambers”- Wu Tang Clan, the entire “Blue Album”- Weezer, and “Let’s Go Surfing”- the Drums


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