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Sunday Funday

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I’ve always had this idea of a four day work week, with Monday being the new day you have off.

My logic went like this: By the time you get to work on Tuesday you’re like, “Wow, it’s already Tuesday, tomorrow’s the middle of the week.” Wednesday rolls around- “Damn, already halfway through.” Thursday- “Wow, this week has flown by, tomorrow’s Friday!” Friday- “It’s Friday!” Saturday- you’re hungover. Sunday- “Oh, shit tomorrow’s…oh yeah.” You’re hungover.” Monday- “Oh boy, I feel quite refreshed and way more productive, I can’t wait to do some work this week!”

Sundays bum people out because they’re just a twenty four hour way of saying “Tomorrow’s Monday”, so just eliminate that altogether. I think they did studies and found that a four day work week matches or surpasses the productivity of a five day one. I’m all for it, but how do you go about changing the work week exactly? Congress, Alan Greenspan, Oprah?

Jenga got straight up intense.

Last night (Sunday) just became another Saturday because of the Labor Day holiday, so we decided to use this as an opportunity to check out some new sights. I had been hearing that this place Dos Taquitos was phenomenal, so we decided to check that out. We parked in a deck literally next door, walked down, and find out it’s closed. Oh, we’ll check this out instead- nope. Oh, dude this place will be open for sure- nevermind. What about- no. We eventually make a huge circle back to this place called the Remedy. The place seemed cool and the food was decent, but I got vibed from the moment I came in. Sure enough, as we’re worrying if our waitress even remembered we were here, we see her storm out of the place and slam the door behind her. “I think my breakfast sampler just got put on hold indefinitely.” Eventually we got our food, but I don’t think the Remedy got their waitress back.

After this I was still hungry, so Kieran and I decided to get frozen custard. As we’re on our way, he remembers the door’s unlocked. While we’re back at the house, he decides to take out the dog he’s dogsitting and walk around the hood for a while. Then we had to sit around for various people to come so we could go to a club we can’t get into, so I decided to play Jenga with Nate to calm my nerves (that along with some white Russians). We played with no ambient light and it got straight intense. Some moves he and I pulled seemed to defy physics, but in the end as I sat on the couch to someone, I heard the wonderful crashing of tiny wood blocks. Nate was bummed. Everyone had found out we couldn’t get in the club by now, so they began to play that wonderful game called- “well, I don’t know, what do you guys want to do. No, really, it’s whatever.” The  way you play this game is you remove your backbone and become as completely useless as the person next to you, but you have to do a lot of talking and try to assert you’re fine with doing anything anyone else wants to do- going to the bar, snorting cocaine, killing a drifter, “whatever”. Whoever actually decides on something and sticks to it is the loser. As the crew played, I walked out to my car, intent on being the loser for tonight’s game. I was followed by a couple of people who felt similarly. We got custard and headed out to the Flying Saucer, which is one of my new favorite places. Literally hundreds of beer on the menu- the wall had to have had fifty or more taps. I went with a Framboise, which came in a tiny flute glass (not the manliest thing to drink from apparently, as our waitress and my friends reminded me). It was great, though. I got a local brew from Red Oak and then that Blanche de Brussells that was so elusive. By this time, the other half of our party was done playing the “what do you want to do” game and joined us. I’m feeling the four day work week for sure. That’s all I have to say for now though. Later

Listen to This: the entire “Mothership: the Best of Led Zeppelin” album- Led Zeppelin, “Yell Out”- Pennywise


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September 6, 2010 at 1:36 pm

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