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The Red and White Is Hella Tight

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Spirits were high, despite the downpour.

Every good sports story starts somewhere humble, and this one, rightly so, begins in a porta-potty. There’s a coupling of these things placed strategically ever hundred yards or so in the student tailgate lot of Carter-Finley Stadium. It’s a good thing they’re there too, because the scanty rows of pine trees along the dirt roads aren’t really an option with all the revelers blasting Lil’ Wayne and Tim McGraw through their SUV’s and pickup trucks just a few feet away from you. I’m having to use these lime green beacons of sanitation a lot because I’ve been pounding down Heinekens like they’re going out of style. Because of my friend Nate, who’s in the Student Wolfpack Club, I was able to have a nice tent to protect me from the rain and thanks to my friends Loren and Lindsey I was able to have plenty of chocolate chip cookies to absorb the copious amounts of alcohol I’m pumping into my system. The way I saw it, this is my first State football game, and I have to make up for lost time and get rowdy.

The rain was coming down heavy the day of the Florida State game, but that didn’t stop anyone from grilling and

Homies were stoked out of their faces.

playing cornhole in the muddy roadways. I paired myself up with Nate and we singlehandedly took out every opponent that challenged us. Nate’s a master at this from tailgating so much and managed to sink a bag just about every round. I kept the points on the board by consistently landing bags on the board for some small but necessary points. Together this strategy easily knocked out the multitude of chest painted foes. After I ran into some old friends and made some new ones while standing in line to one of those porta-potties, we headed over to the stadium. “You doing the two can challenge, man? It’s tradition.” One of the crew asks me. Like cornhole, this game is simple- finish two beers during the short walk to the stadium. “You betcha I will! Toucan Sam!” I exclaim, ripping two cans from my friend’s hands. Somewhere between the frat house tailgates and the alumni association, I feel like vomiting, so I abandon the task and carry on defeated to the south end zone. The game was nothing short of a soap opera. Fumbles, interceptions, Hail Mary passes, trick plays, and a fourth quarter comeback- the stadium only had two volumes that night: dead silent and earsplitting. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a sports fan or anything, but I’m fanatical about whatever I support. Seeing as this is my school and I’m pretty buzzed, I quickly become one of the best (and most obnoxious) cheerleaders in our section.

View of the memorial belltower an hour after the win.

The climax of the game was when State, down by three decide to go for it on fourth and one to win the game instead of trying a field goal to tie it. The plan worked. Florida State drove back with about a minute left and got about five yards from the goal line, but their quarterback fumbled the ball on their crucial play and a State guy picked it up- game over. At this point I see a thick row or policemen filling in around the sections to prevent us from storming the field, but that didn’t stop some of the players from jumping up into the stands and getting awkwardly crowd surfed by the fans. The band played the alma mater and then we headed out, shouting “wolf” and waiting for another crew to yell “pack”, which they always did.  Me and Charles walked back to the car and rolled down Hillsborough. I hung my head out the window and yelled at pedestrians as we made our way to get late night fried chicken. Passing the belltower (which is lit red for all special occasions- sports victories, academic awards, and the like) I took the video you see below. All I can say is, the red and white is hella tight!

Listen to This: “The Red and White Song”- NC State’s fight song



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November 10, 2010 at 10:04 pm

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