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Wizard Status Doesn’t Give You Any Corporate Health Benefits: Part 1

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“Yo, Charles! Charles!” I scream. I look up from the dewy grass underfoot and see my roommate, Charles, grinning back at me. He grabs my shoulders with his massive arms and shakes me, almost flinging my new era hat off in the process. “Dude, I’m right fucking here,” he says. It’s hard to hear Charles since there’s dubstep busting down the vinyl siding of the house we’re at, and it’s beginning to tear out into a backyard jammed with drunken college kids skating a hastily finished halfpipe. I smile big  and hold my iPhone up to his face, “Check this out.”


“Goddamn, you are cute,” I say.

“Aww, thanks,” she replies.

“Maybe we could go get coffee some time? I had this Turkish coffee, maybe you’d like it too. Don’t drink the grinds though,” I tell her.

“That sounds great!” she exclaims.

“Really? Awesome! I mean, nothing serious or anything,” I say.

“No, that’s cool. I’ll leave you two alone then,” she says.

“Whoa! I mean, that’s fine if you want, but isn’t that taking it a little too fast?” I question.

She gets up from the table and walks past me. I snap back to consciousness. “Hey, Drew! Glad I could help you out with the interview. Omar’s a really cool guy,” she says.

So, that conversation we just had was entirely fantasized based on what you were saying to your friend? Fuck. I could’ve sworn we had a connection there too. I look back at her as she saunters off. Her red hair bounces with each energetic stride. “Yeah, thanks.”

“You can sit right here,” a voice calls out.

“Ha! I knew you wanted to hang out, girl!” I laugh to myself. I look to the source of the voice and see my new friend and interview subject Omar. “Oh, dammnit, you’re not her,” I scowl.

“What?” he questions innocently.

Oh, shit, I said that out loud. “I said what’s up, Omar!” I exclaim without missing a beat.

Omar is my interview subject for this article I’m writing for my job at the OIA. I met him through a girl I know (and sort of vibed) who I lived in the dorms with and who also works at the OIA as an ambassador. She’s friends with lots of international students, so luckily she hooked me up with an interesting fellow. Omar is Algerian, but lived most of his life in France. He’s a business major through the French business school that sends people here- SKEMA. We talk for a while and he tells me about his life and what he thinks of America. It surprised me that he really enjoyed it here, and that people around the world really do hold the U.S. in high esteem. That made me feel good, because I always assumed the opposite. His only real complaint was that tax wasn’t included- which is ironically one of the major things I loved about Europe. I really wished they did that over here, since you literally know what your total is going to be before you even pay for it. He likes jazz and soccer and he’s fluent in Arabic, French, and English. Actually, I’ll just put his interview up when it’s complete in a few weeks, so that’s all I’ll say for now. I wrap that up and skate through (literally) the rest of the week.

Thursday I get “fringe” critiqued, and people enjoyed it and only had minor recommendations, which surprised me. It creeped everyone out and people got a lot out of it, so I was really enjoying everyone arguing with what certain things meant (in workshop, you have to remain silent the entire thirty minutes until the professor allows you to explain your work.) It still trips me out for people to talk about my stories. For instance, them talking about the characters. My characters are like my children, and I know them better than I know some people in real life, so it gives me a crazy rush to know people are really engaging with what I thought of in my head. Friday, I get some great waffles at the SCJ meeting, skate for around three hours, and then head back home. I play some F.E.A.R., this insanely violent and creepy game Charles got for us to play since I had been talking about it one night, and finish up the walrus baby painting. We hang it up around midnight and I get to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a big day after all- little did I know.


To be continued in part two, which will fully explain things like this: http://vimeo.com/20442793.

Listen to This: “Ghostfire”- Tiger Army, “Car Underwater”- Armor for Sleep, the entire “London Calling” album by: the Clash



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March 1, 2011 at 11:41 pm

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