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You May Have Fire Breathing Fists, Charlie Sheen, But I Have A Ribcage Made of Crowbars

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. For instance, this post is super sketchy in both content and style, seeing as it’s from events weeks in the past! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m very in demand these days. Though I may not be able to post as frequently, know that I’ve got lots of things going on related to the blog. I’m doing all sorts of writing, skating, painting, music playing, music listening, building, learning, working, and living. Anyone whoever called me lazy and unmotivated in the past can just wait and see what’ll be coming down the line. That said, we have to discuss some things.


I walk inside the lecture hall and my new friend Meredith thrusts a pamphlet in my face. I thank her with a nod of the head and ninja my way to the back of the classroom. My other friend Mayday mugs me with a hug as I spy a seat. A few months ago, I would have fainted at this show of affection, but right now I’m more concerned with what’s going on in the front. I look down the auditorium sized room at my old professor, Joe Caddell. He’s a gnarly guy- he was a bartender, an Air Force pilot, an intelligence specialist for the D.O.D., he’s got degrees from all over, and now he’s a history teacher at State. He has one of the most genuine, sincere, and friendliest personalities I’ve ever encountered, so I instantly hit it off with this guy when I had him for Recent American history. I contacted Caddell to come speak at the Society of Collegiate Journalist’s panel discussion on WikiLeaks, and here he is. He’s up here with a lawyer, some former ambassador to some country, and another professor. Though no one came to a conclusion, I feel I learned a little bit and realized I just really like learning about stuff- I can never seem content with what I know.


“I mean, it’s just all about that back foot once you scoop it forward, ya know?” I yawn, casually rolling my board back in forth on the brick underfoot.

“Yeah. I mean, I have them switch and fakie, which is weird, ya know?” a random skater replies.

I nod and look at the ledge in front of us. “I’m wondering what to try on this. I sorta wanna learn nollie backside tailslides, but I can never lock in on it how I need to,” I say.

“What ever happened to the frontside fifty fifty to smith grinds you used to…Whoa, check that out.”

I look over and see a tall, lanky girl with long brown hair pushing on a board. She zips past us. I’m really stoked about all the girls I see riding these days- particularly my girls Rachel and Trish (they seriously rip.) I eye this girl as she comes up to a ledge and frontside nosegrinds the entire thing and pops out real smooth.

The random skater and I look at each other with raised eyebrows.

She comes back around and backside tailslides the entire thing.

I can’t even get close to doing a backside tailslide on this ledge.

The gal proceeds to lay waste to the ledge, getting every sort of slide and grind you could pull. My friend tells me there is a rumor of a guy who is really good and had a sex change. This doesn’t really affect my opinion of her though. A shredder is a shredder. Brian Anderson? Gay. Marissa del Santos? Girl. Jamie Thomas? Deeply religious. David Gonzales? Satanic. All shredders and all respected.

In fact, politics and social issues are pissing me off enough now that I’m thinking of doing another blog and doing some more concrete things to let others know how I feel about things.


It seems sort of hokey now, but this was the last thing some poor boy ever saw.

On Saturday morning, I’m sitting on a school bus on my way to a Civil War reenactment, the Battle of Bentonville. This was the last major battle of the war, and it was the largest conflict to take place on North Carolina soil. We get there after about an hour going through some serious backwoods towns. It reminded me of the crazy places we’d go on football games in high school. We were a small school (with even smaller players), so we ended up playing these far flung teams in rural areas or elite all boys academies. We got our asses kicked by both. I played center and guard, which means I snapped the ball then wrestled with some bubba on the other side of the line. It wasn’t quite my thing, but I liked the bus rides and seeing all these places we’d go, even if they weren’t exotic, I was seeing more of my own home, which is just as fulfilling. Anyways, we get there and see this large field with a house and plenty of people scurrying around in poofy dresses or confederate garb. I clumped up with a few people I knew from class and we gave ourselves our own tour until the “reenactment” started. We checked out the house, which was used as a hospital during the battle. This guy that looked like Bilbo Baggins was telling us about how they did surgery back then, which was pretty much how we do carpentry today. Contrary to what I had thought, they did do surgery under anesthesia, just a different type of anesthesia. The North would use ether and the South generally got you drunk, then performed the surgery (usually amputation.) Most of the deaths in the war occurred from complications from the wounds you received after the battle or disease in the camp- not a ton of people always died on the battlefield.

I'm not a huge fan of camping. This didn't help to change my mind.

After saying bye to Bilbo, we wander around the battlefield, look at the cemetery, check out a cannon, and an encampment with people dressed up and acting like soldiers. A lot of these guys broke character to ask us why we were there (a few were huge State fans or alumni) and give details about what life was like back then- particularly the guns and how they camped out. After getting a Confederate hat and promising to play a Confederate vs Union game of football (a lot of people in my class are grad students from up North and had bought Union hats to outnumber me and my Southern peers), we watch the “reenactment.” I put reenactment in quotes because, unlike the Battle of Guilford Courthouse I saw a few years ago (it was a Revolutionary War battle fought in Greensboro), this was more a demonstration. They lined up a few guys and had them shoot their guns into the field, towards the Ford trucks and Expeditions in the parking lot. After that, we head back to the bus and head back to Raleigh. We take a long way back to campus and I get to see parts of town I never got to. It was interesting, because I think of how little people see of their own homes. All those people who think they’re worldly because they hit all the bars downtown or know about some authentic ethnic restaurant just seem like posers when you come to realize you’ve been wandering around such a small space for years. It’s like being the cool kid on your street, but then you go to high school and get a swirley the first day of class.

Thus concludes this long overdue and considerably lacking blog post. I’ll try to post more consistently and with more punch, I’m just literally in over my head with everything at the moment. I’m getting pulled every which way. I’ve got plenty going on in life and I’m actually really stoked on everything, it’ll all just have to wait for now. Posts will be coming soon as I can get to them (and believe me, you’ll want to read them.)

I ain’t dead yet mother fuckers.

Listen to This: “Wink”- Hedgehog, “One In A Million”- Bodyjar, Flogging Molly (in general)


Written by dstclaire

April 6, 2011 at 2:26 pm

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