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New Links, New Stories, New Paintings

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As I mentioned, there’s plenty of content. Here’s a good sliver of it:

New link to my cousin Matt on the links page- he’s a graphic/web designer and writer who recently published his first book, Roo’d Awakening: A Rock and Roll Odyssey. It chronicles his absolutely insane trip to the Bonnaroo Music Festival (believe me, I read it, and truth is stranger than fiction.) Definitely buy a copy, it’s a hilarious yet sincere story. We’ll talk more about Matt later though.

On the writing portfolio page, I put up a revised version of “fringe”, thanks in large part to the advice of world renowned short story writer and friend Jill McCorkle. I also put up a very short story called “Sweet-Tart Bracelet,” which started off as a rewrite exercise of Tim O’Brien’s “Stockings.” So head over there and see if I did those masters a justice.

New paintings are completed as well, but most are gifts for longtime friends, so some may not make it up on the site. Others will be here soon enough.

I’ve got a lot we need to talk about as well- and by “talk”, I mean you reading what I have to write with no hope of opening up a dialogue between me and you. I think things work better for us that way, don’t you? Don’t answer that.


Written by dstclaire

June 13, 2011 at 12:51 pm

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