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You May Not Like 666, But You Certainly Won’t Mind When It’s Tonight’s Powerball

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I want to see my views go from just a bit over 6,000 to 6,666. I know this isn’t quite the number of the beast, but it will still make me smile. Now, I know this set of digits carries a lot of cultural weight, and I probably need to explain myself a bit. 666 is the famous number denoting “the beast” in Revelation, chapter 13: 17-18 to be exact (yeah, I had to look that up.) There’s a good chance this was actual a code name for the name of Emperor Nero, who was a horrible persecutor of the early Christians, and that the story is less a tale about how the world will end and more a story of hope that early Christians would be justified one day in the future, with their persecutors getting what’s coming to them. It’s more like a voodoo doll than a teddy bear.

So, in an effort to hit this odd little number (it’s the sum of the first 36 natural numbers: 1+2+3+4+etc and it’s also the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel), I’m going to recap what’s happened in the past 24 hours.


I thought about how posh an American lifestyle is while sipping a Java Chip Frappachino yesterday morning. “One of the chips is stuck in my straw. Damn, that sucks. I’m gonna have to take the straw out and mess up my whipped cream if I want to drink the rest now!” When I said this, a part of my brain kicked in and told my fist to punch my face for being such a pathetic twit. There’s all sorts of famine, war, rape, hate, and injustice going on probably just down the street, and the fact I got even slightly perturbed that my straw was obstructed by a piece of candy sickened me. I finish my drink and head out to pick up some forms and skate at State.

What I wasn’t expecting to do when I picked up these forms from former employers was to talk to them for two hours straight. Chantell, my intern supervisor, had me sit down and talk about everything from my current work to my love life and my plans for the future. I remember coming in here to interview for the internship sweating bullets through a borrowed dress shirt. It was a great chat, and I got some great advice. We had transitioned from employer/employee to friend/friend- the fact she didn’t answer the phone for that whole two hours we shot the breeze confirmed that. I skate over to the radio station and see one of the first people I ever meet at college- Jamie Lynn at WKNC. She was my supervisor when I DJ’ed all four years, and by supervise, I mean she let me crack jokes on her every time I came in the studio and play whatever music I wanted. Like Chantell, I felt I had entered a new stage of friendship with Jamie. My friend Molly gave me a free apple and I savored it as I cruised around campus.

This was a particular solid day of skating. It seemed like I could do anything, and I was just playing around- not trying one bit. They had redone some parts of campus, and outside one building they opted to do little embankments instead of curbs- making it one of the funniest little things to roll around on. Up, down, slide, down, up, down. Feel the flow, savor the feeling of rolling, the purity of being in motion and not being tied down. No one can catch you, and you always move closer to whatever your heart desires. I catch the bus and head back to get ready to go out that night.

On certain nights, in a parking lot in the shadow of the Belltower, you can play pickup games of foursquare. You can give yourself a silly moniker and slap the ball around like it’s going to explode if you don’t get it out of your square. Part of you wants to stay there all night and sleep on the grass. You don’t want to forget that the joy of bouncing a ball around or riding on a piece of wood is better than trying to talk to people and drink beer. You don’t want to wear sandals when you play though- closed toe shoes for sure if you want to get intense.

I think televisions in bars aren’t there so people can see who won the game or what candidate is running for what. They’re there for you to get away without leaving your seat. They’re there to hide the fact you’re hurt. They’re there so you don’t have to respond to a question you don’t have the answer to right now. They’re a way to count all the ways this guy’s lame. They’re a way to count all the ways this girl isn’t worth it. They’re there so you don’t have to acknowledge what’s going on in front of you. They’re there so people don’t notice your’re sitting alone. They’re there for everything but watching the Yankees game. Get your tab. Don’t forget the tip.

Sitting on a porch drinking beer with friends is the same as a bar, only you’re guaranteed to see someone you know. I normally like to get to bed before 2:00am because my restlessness is acting up horribly lately. I always think of this lyric from a Nirvana song, “I’m so tired I can’t sleep”- it’s exactly how I feel most nights. However, this little rule doesn’t apply tonight. I’ll stay out here till 4am.

When I’m back in my bed, I open my eyes and I’m blinded for a second. I look around and discover the moonlight is entirely over my face. When I was younger, I had this little sliver of window above the curtains where I could see the stars. I always strained my head so I could see them before I fell asleep. This reminds me of that a bit. I have some strange dreams and wake up hungry. I write a blog post instead. There’s a noodle bowl in the pantry though, so it’s cool. It’s one of the kinds with a pouch of “spicy peanut topping” you can add at the end. They’re good. Microwave on high five minutes. Add one minute for higher altitudes. Let cool. No one ever lets it cool. It’s better that way.


I hope I made your view worth it. More content to come.


Written by dstclaire

July 16, 2011 at 2:23 pm

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